Common Truck Repairs To Watch For

Trucks are some of the most versatile and fun vehicles to drive. They give a person a lot of freedoms, but with a truck comes a few mechanical issues. They are not terrible and in no way should sway you from buying a truck, but they are things to make sure you have your eye out for. This article will outline 3 common mechanical issues that trucks commonly have and how to notice them.


The purpose of a u-joint or universal joint is to transfer power from the transmission to the differential. This is what handles the torque on rough roads common to those driving trucks. The u-joint looks like a cross and spins at a very high velocity. So, a little bit of maintenance is very important for a u-joint. Be sure to keep it well lubricated. There actually is not a good way to tell if a u-joint is going bad just by looking at it, and looking at the interior requires some very significant disassembly. One sign of a failing u-joint is odd clicking. This is especially true when you have the wheel cranked all to one side and you drive in circles slowly. There should be a definite clicking while driving in this manner. Another way to notice a bad u-joint is velocity instigated vibration. It is important to have a bad u-joint replaced as it can pose a serious safety hazard. 

Wheel Bearings 

Another common problem with trucks is wheel bearings going bad. The wheel bearings are what keep the wheel spinning with as little friction as possible. One of the main signs that wheel bearings are going out is noise. If your truck is grinding or squealing while you are driving it could be a sign that your wheel bearings are going out. Some other signs are jerking or decreased ability to steer. If your truck is experiencing those check the wheel bearings.


This is pretty self explanatory, but with the added weight of a truck, especially if towing, breaks can go out faster. This can be especially true if there is rugged terrain. It is important to note that having your brakes checked regularly is always a good idea it is especially important while driving a truck. An inability to decrease speed in a timely fashion is obviously the main sign of bad brakes. Be proactive when it comes to the brakes, be sure to have them checked regularly