Auto Repair: 3 Telltale Signs Your Vehicle Needs A New Battery

The battery is one of the more important components of your vehicle. It provides power so that the vehicle can operate. It also helps to keep you safe by powering safety lights. Unfortunately, batteries don't last forever—and not replacing them can pose serious problems.

So what are some telltale signs that your car needs a new battery? Here are three:

1. Starting Issues

When your battery is in good condition, your vehicle will start right up—every time—without a problem. A strong indicator that your battery might be on the fritz is when your vehicle suddenly has issues starting. The car itself might not start, or the lights may not work. In some cases, the car might start fine one day and then the next not at all. Finally, you might also notice that it takes a lot of work to get your vehicle started. For example, you may need to rev the engine to get it going. These are all due to issues within the battery and can sometimes be fixed just by jumping or replacing it. However, it might also indicate issues within the wiring of your battery.

2. It Looks Worn

Another sign that your battery needs replacing is its appearance. If your battery is beginning to look old and worn, it might be time to replace it. Other signs include rust or corrosion on the battery. You might also notice that it is beginning to look a little "bloated." All of these issues are usually caused by an old battery. However, they might also be caused by a battery that has been exposed to too much heat.

3. You Have To Jump It

Periodically needing to jump your battery is okay. After all, accidents happen and sometimes the lights get left on. However, if you are needing to jump-start your battery on a somewhat regular basis, chances are good it needs to be replaced. As a general rule, if you are jumping your batter multiple times per week, you need a new one. Failing to replace it when needed can cause a whole slew of other problems within your vehicle, including issues with your alternator—so don't delay.

As you can see, there are several signs that indicate your vehicle needs a new battery. If you are in doubt, always consult a mechanic or visit an auto repair shop. A professional can diagnose your issues and help you decide whether you need a new battery—or not. 

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