Pro Tips for Using Touch-Up Paint on Your Own Car

Dealing with scratches on your vehicle is never pleasant. A great solution can be adding a little bit of touch-up paint to make the scratches less noticeable, but you could be worried about how to apply it correctly. Luckily, these pro tips should help you get the results that you want.

Buy It From the Right Place

You have probably seen touch-up paint in all sorts of places, including your favorite auto parts store and even your average mass market retail store. Even though these paint tubes might promise a perfect match, however, this often isn't the case. Even though it might cost you a little bit more money, you should consider getting your touch-up paint from a car dealership that specializes in your car's brand. Then, you are more likely to end up with a paint that will truly match the color of your car.

Use a Different Applicator

Many touch-up paint tubes come with their own brushes, but these brushes are often way too large. The trick to using touch-up paint is only using a tiny amount at a time. If you brush on too much at once, you are more likely to leave smudges and not-so-smooth surfaces. Look for the tiniest brush that you can find before you start applying your touch-up paint. Another great idea is to use a toothpick. Even though it might take a few more tries to get the right amount of paint on your car, this is a great way to ensure that you don't add too much, particularly if you are adding touch-up paint to tiny hairline scratches.

Don't Rush It

Don't rush through the job of adding touch-up paint to your car. Take your time to clean the application area very thoroughly before applying. Then, add tiny amounts at a time, doing so very gently, until you get the results that you want. One of the main ways that people mess up their touch-up paint is by getting in a hurry and either not cleaning off the surface of the car or adding too much at one time. It is always easier to add a little more touch-up paint later than it is to take some off after it has been applied.

Consider Hiring a Pro

If you have never done your own touch-up paint, you should know that getting professional results isn't as easy as the bottle might claim. A better option is to hire someone who works in an auto body shop or collision center. It should not cost much to have a few dabs of touch-up paint added, but you can almost guarantee that the results will be a lot better if you leave the job up to an auto body repair professional.

Touch-up paint can work wonders for a car that has scratches, but proper application is critical. Luckily, following these pro tips can help you get the results that you want.