2 Ways To Wow Her With Your Truck Bed

Trucks are generally seen as masculine, powerful workhorses. Not many people will tout the romantic possibilities when it comes to a nice truck. Whether your lady loves or hates trucks, you can get her motor running by using the ever-versatile truck bed to let her know how loved and appreciated she really is. 

1. Mobile, Less-dirty Picnic

If you're dealing with a hopeless romantic who is also a an avid hater of dirt and all things dirt-related, this tactic will get her smiling in no time. Prepare the bed of the truck by covering it with a sheet or blanket (her favorite color would be a nice touch). Then, make sure you have something soft for the two of you to sit on. Bean bags and overstuffed, over-sized pillows are great options (leave the chair pads you use at football games out of the equation). Get a nice wicker basket to pack one of her favorite meals in, including drinks. You don't have to cook it, just make sure you get her order right at the restaurant. 

Once you're all set in the truck bed, be sure to have a few of her favorite tracks ready on your MP3 player. Take her out to a place with a beautiful view, such as a mountainside, lake shore, or even a local park. Play her favorite tunes on the truck radio while you serve her her favorite meal in your truck bed. You'll have her swooning and blushing in no time! 

2. A True "Night Out"

There's nothing quite like spending a night under the stars with that special someone. Invite your lady love to cuddle, joke, sleep, and whatever else the night leads you to do under a beautiful night sky. The farther you get away from city lights and smog, the more stars you'll be able to see and the more romantic you automatically become in her eyes. Gather a few layers of comforters or blankets for the two of you to sleep on. If you really want to impress her, find a mattress to put in the bed of your truck! 

Keep a small box in the bed for night-time and morning essentials such as contact cases or retainers. Get a couple of big, comfortable pillows. And don't forget a blanket to lay under. Even though the weather may be warm, temperatures can get really low at night and the romance will die swiftly if you both wake up with runny noses and cold chills. 

If you need to grab a few custom truck parts to make the romance happen, don't hesitate to contact a local supplier.