Tips for Buying a Quality Used Semi Truck

If your dream is to purchase your own semi truck and work for yourself as an owner-operator, then you should consider buying a used semi truck. By making the choice to purchase an older, low-mileage truck, you will be able to purchase a nicer truck with more additional features than you can afford new. Here are some tips to help you select the best used semi truck that meets your needs.

Tip: Ask the Right Questions

When you go to look at a used semi truck that you are interested in purchasing, ask the seller the following questions to help gauge the possible condition of the truck:

  1. Why are you selling the truck at this time?
  2. What is wrong with the truck?
  3. Can I see all of the trucks maintenance records?

You may be surprised how honest some people can be when asked these direct questions. Simply ask each question and then listen carefully to the answers. Just let the seller keep talking, and the answers may be very telling about the actual condition of the truck.

Tip: Pull the Dipsticks and Check the Fluids

When you are looking at trucks, take the time to pull out all of the fluid's dipsticks to check for dirty fluids. If you find dirt in the fluids, then this is a sign that the regular maintenance that should have been done on the truck may not have been. This is a red flag that the truck may have other mechanical problems and should not be purchased.

Tip: Check for Structural Rust

While some small areas of surface rust are to be expected on an older semi truck, structural rusting can be a sign of neglect. In addition, structural rust damage can be a very expensive problem to have repaired. 

Tip: Check the Secondary Parts Market 

Finally, some semi trucks are produced in a limited quantity by their manufacturers. This can cause problems later down the line when parts are nearly impossible to find to repair them. To avoid having costly repairs and downtime due to trying to find scarce parts salvaged from other trucks, verify that parts are readily available to fix any problems that you may have before you make an offer to purchase a semi truck.

If you need additional assistance choosing a used semi truck to fulfill your dream of becoming an owner-operator, speak with a sales person at your local used semi truck dealership like