Repairing And Improving Your Car's Air Intake System

In order for combustion to occur, you need three elements: oxygen, fuel, and heat. If you decrease the presence of one of the elements within an internal combustion engine, you will decrease the engine's performance. For example, if you have problems with your engine's air intake system, your engine will not get enough oxygen to properly combust fuel. If you notice that your engine is not running properly (you have a decrease of power, hear a knocking noise, or the service engine light comes on), you need to take your car in to be serviced. If your car has a problem with your air intake system, then you need to make a choice between repair or upgrade. 

Possible Problems with an Air Intake System

Possible problems with an air intake system include the following: Air hoses can wear out over time. Being exposed to the outside air, your engine components will have to cope with a constant cycle of heating and cooling. Over time, this cycle can cause the plastic hoses that make up your air intake system to get brittle. If leaks develop in these hoses, they will not guide air to your engine like they should.

If your hoses look like they are in good condition, then it is likely that your problem has to do with the engine's sensor. Modern cars will have a computer that monitors different components of your engine and then adjust the performance of your engine accordingly. If the sensor in your air intake goes bad, then the performance of your air intake system can be affected. 

As Long as You Are Repairing, Should You Upgrade?

If more oxygen is present in your engine, you will be able to combust more fuel and thus increase the efficiency and power of your engine. Two easy upgrades follow:

1. Install a cold Intake. Colder air will be more dense and thus will contain more oxygen. Installing a cold air intake in your car will change the position where air enters your engine and may also reduce the length of the hoses guiding air into your engine chamber. These two changes should ensure that relatively cool air reaches your engine. 

2. For a little more effort, you can install a ram-air intake, which uses the forward momentum of your car to force more air into the intake system. This usually requires cutting out part of your hood or fender. Not only will this improve the performance of your engine, but it will give your car a sportier look. 

Something as small as changing how air enters your engine can have a good impact on the performance of your engine. If your car is not running properly or you are looking for a way to get your car to run better, you can start with making repairs and/or upgrades to your car's air intake system. For more information, contact a company like G P Automotive.