Keep Your Auto Body Repair Costs Down

Despite your best efforts, just about every car will pick up a few scratches or dents over the years. If the state of your auto's body gets bad enough, you may find yourself in an auto repair shop with a large bill to pay. But you can help keep repair costs down by being proactive about handling small problems yourself before they grow into larger ones. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Touch Up Paint Can Work Wonders

Your car's paint code can usually be located on the door jamb or in your owner's manual. Once you have this code, you can head to the local auto parts store and get some touch up paint to fix small scratches. Use ultra fine sandpaper and water with soap to buff out the scratch. Apply your paint and then buff it in once it's dry. Most people find that just a dab of touch up paint can go a long way, so don't apply too much at once until you are sure you need more.

Bumper or Fender Problems? Replace it Yourself

Your car's bumper and fenders are relatively easy to replace compared to say, installing a new door. You may be able to order a new bumper or fender from your car manufacturer. You probably shouldn't attempt this unless you are generally good at do it yourself projects. But if you think you can handle it and don't mind getting under the car for some dirty work, you can simply pop on a new bumper or fender and avoid expensive labor costs at the auto shop. Removing each bumper or fender may be slightly different based on the model of car you have but your vehicle manufacturer can likely provide you with the instructions you need to follow.

Remove Gunk from Your Car as Often as Possible

If you frequently park your car outside, you will likely accumulate some tree sap or other substances on the surface of your car. Invest in some good bug or tar remover and use it on your car to remove these substances before they cause permanent damage to your paint job.

Auto repair shops can help you restore your car to like new condition, but the repair costs can get pricey if there is extensive damage. Teach yourself to do some repairs yourself, whether it's something small like a touch up paint job, or a larger project like replacing a bumper. Keep an eye on your paint job and remove any foreign substances like tree sap or salt before any extensive damage is caused. Should you need help, contact affordable places like Knoll Automotive Services.