3 Easy Ways To Get More Money For Your Motorcycle

Your motorcycle loses half of its value when it leaves the lot and will continue losing value over time. It can be a struggle to make sure that you get enough money for your motorcycle when you decide to sell it in order to make any repairs you made worth it. Luckily, there are three easy ways to make sure that you get the most money for your old motorcycle.

1. Make Sure You Know Exactly What Your Motorcycle is Worth

In order to get the most money for your old bike, you have to know what price you should be aiming for. There are a large number of websites that will allow you to find out the approximate value of your motorcycle, assuming that it is in good condition. From there, you can strive to make sure that your motorcycle is as ready to be sold as soon as possible in order to get it close to the condition described by those websites. Knowing the worth of your motorcycle will also allow you to have a certain base amount that you know not to negotiate beneath in order to avoid being taken advantage of.

2. Have All of Your Service Records

Chances are good that you spent a lot of money and time making sure that your bike runs smoothly and doesn't have any problems with it. Unfortunately, a potential customer won't know this unless you make sure that you have the records proving it. Collect any receipts for recent work that has done on the bike. If you didn't save them, call the automotive repair facility that you used for the work. They will often keep your records for a year or so in order to better provide service to you and will be happy to provide you with a record of the work that they have done.

3. Make Sure Your Receipt for the Buyer Has the Correct Legal Framework

When you sell your motorcycle to a buyer, make sure that the phrase "no warranties provided" is included on the receipt. This is to protect you in case your bike should stop working and the customer should demand a refund, putting a dent in the amount of money that you made from the sale.

If you take these three tips into account, as well as make sure that your bike looks as good as possible, it should easy for you to get a more than fair price for your motorcycle. For more information, contact a business such as Duke City Harley-Davidson.