Tips About Your Insurance And Arranging European Auto Repair

As the owner of a European car that will be driven in the United States, you may find it more challenging to find experienced technicians like Sterling Service Inc to provide the necessary maintenance that every vehicle requires. In addition, you may also note that there is a longer time period to get certain vehicle parts, particularly if you are driving an older vehicle. Therefore, it is crucial to be pro-active in your maintenance and repair choices as the owner of a European vehicle

Reconsider Your Insurance and Deductible

If your previous car was a domestic vehicle, it is a good time to reevaluate your insurance policy. For example, repairing European vehicles is a specialty that not all mechanics can provide, so your fees are often higher.

Unfortunately, that means that if you have a bare bones policy with a smaller dollar amount of coverage after an accident, there could be substantial fees that the insurance company does not have to pay. You may also want to lower the deductible you are required to meet, so that you have lower initial costs after an accident. 

Understand OEM Parts Versus Salvage/Generic Replacement Parts  

All parts are not created equal and it is important to think about how the different parts will impact the vehicle, its safety and its usability in the future. A growing trend is for insurance companies to require or request the facilities with whom they work to use the least expensive parts possible. Even if you are paying out of pocket for the repairs, the facility may use those parts in order to be able to offer lower fees.

Unfortunately, doing so often leads to installing parts that were removed from wrecked or non-functioning vehicles and generic parts that are not made precisely for the vehicle.  Both of those options may limit the warranty on your vehicle, even if you have an extended warranty. The parts themselves may also also have a shorter period of warranty than you expect, and generic parts are a one-size-fits-all option that are not always the best choice for an expensive vehicle.

In conclusion, driving a European vehicle is often a status symbol and as a result, is typically set apart from other less expensive vehicles. In order to take care of your vehicle, choosing the best mechanics and planning for how you will be able to pay for the repairs is more important and more challenging than it would be with lesser vehicles.